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Sunday, 12 June 2016

MAC Virginity..... Broken

Yes i know what your thinking. How can you be a blogger and never tried a MAC product before?! The truth is its taken me a long time to truly appreciate the beauty of make up (literally) and know what good product is.

This however has taken a horrendous tole in my bank balance as usually the best products are the most expensive. I was planning on buying some MAC products with my birthday thats coming up at the end of June but to my surprise i won the lovely Kate closets MAC gift card giveaway of £20 i was so happy! Check out here blog here its amazing! So i thought the first item i have to have if one of their raved over lipsticks. I really wanted to try one of their matte shades. Even though that narrowed it down to about 35 shades i still couldn't decide. I wanted either a pink or a nude, but in the end after a fair few days arsing about trying to pick one, i went for this pink matte shade, "please me".
How gorgeous is this shade?! I know a lot of people dont like light pink shades but they are a shade that really suit me and i dont own a matte colour quite like this! I have to say i am officially in love with MAC products.
However i do have to say that ordering online meant my order took over a week to arrive which wasn't great but i suppose the product itself is worth the wait. Ive already worn this shade a lot, it dries very matte but doesnt dry out my lips which is everything you need in a matte lipstick! And alongside that its super pigmented so you dont need to apply too much products which means less product, so it lasts longer its a win win!
Oh yeah and it also, to me smells really sweet, i dont know if im imagining the smell, but i like it and i hope the smell stays for me. If you like this shade and fancy buying it yourself ive left the link down below.
Whats your favourite MAC Lipsticks?
Hope you all enjoyed leave me your thoughts below

Please Me Shade


  1. I love Please Me, I rarely ever use mine though! Given me some inspo to break it out tomorrow again! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  2. I love this shade! Another couple of my favorites that you might like if you like Please Me is Faux and Velvet Teddy!


  3. So glad you loved your first Mac lippy! You'll be hooked now, soon as I tried my first mac lippy I couldn't stop buying. Please Me is such a lovely shade xx

    Beth | Polished Couture

  4. I love this shade, it was one of my firsts too! Once you start buying you don't stop! Plus the scent is meant to smell like vanilla on the mac lipsticks x


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