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Friday, 20 May 2016

Matte Heaven

I FINALLY got my hands on the lip products every one has been raving over the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, which essentially are matte liquid lipsticks. I wanted to see what they were like for myself. I got two shades.

Sandstorm which is the most gorgeous nude and Amethyst which is a crazy purple shade i thought i would try for something totally different. They are your usual brush applicators and they apply super easy, i like the fact that the wand is fairly long i hate the short stumpy ones i feel too close to my face.
I`m rubbish at applying liquid lipsticks especially without liquid liner but i tried my very best to stay in the lines of my lips.
I wore the nude shade on a night out last week and i have to say it lasted so well, it didn't dry my lips out like a lot of matte shades do either. It took a couple of minutes to dry upon application but once it dried it looked incredible, the perfect matte finish.  Throughout the day i drank and even kissed my boyfriend and it didn't budge! The only time it all pretty much came off was when i ate.
It wasn't a pain to take off either which i find sometimes with certain lip products, it can really hurts your lips to take the product off but this easily came off readily easily with a baby wipe. I haven't had the courage to wear my purple one out yet but I've taken a photo to show you guys how stunning it is and i`m hoping that it will look good with my new purple hair!

Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks? Or any other liquid lipsticks, if so what are your favourites?
Hope you enjoyed this post, leave me your thoughts below.


Amethyst Shade

Sandstorm Shade


  1. Oh gosh, I'm so jealous... I saw these advertised this week and I really want to add them to my makeup stash seeing as I was obsessed with their lip creams! I love the look of the nude shade especially & may have to pick this one up during the weekend :)


    1. I highly recommend you do the nude shade is amazing!

  2. Really love the purple shade! They both look really pigmented which is great. The nude shade looks like a Kylie Lip Kit dupe :) xxx

  3. I love the purple shade, such a nice colour for a bold statement as well xx


    1. Yeah i just need to be brave and wear it haha

  4. Purple one looks amazing, but I wouldn't dare to wear it :/

    xo Honey
    Royal Lifestyle

  5. I love these! I have three shades and they look incredible. xxx

  6. They're amazing for the price! I think I prefer the Soft Matte Lip Creams though, just because they feel a little more comfortable on the lips x

    1. Ooh i havent tried them i think i need to pick some up.

  7. The purple one looks amazing, wish I had the guts to wear it! Chloe x



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