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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cocktail Crawl

If you follow me on social media you will know how much I love cocktails and a couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend wanted to do something a bit different for a date day.

So why not do a cocktail crawl of Manchester's northern quarter! We had an amazing lunch at Trof ( I think I'm slightly obsessed with this place!).
Then headed to the first bar of the day, Apotheca.The deal was 2 for £12 on any cocktail, so I ordered a strawberry blonde (left) and my boyfriend ordered the strawberry sickle (right).
They were both good, but my boyfriends was a bit too creamy for me, mine was more light and refreshing. I liked the bar, the menu choice was incredible but it was a bit cold. We decided to move on, I had heard that a Turtle Bay had opened in the northern quarter so I had to check it out. The atmosphere was buzzing in here! And it was only 3 in the afternoon! It was 2 cocktails for just £8 in here but it has to be the same ones (which we didn't realise). So we had two each!
A simple strawberry daquiri for my boyfriend and my gosh it packed a punch! And I had the most delicious cocktail! The Bahama mama it's full of tropical flavours it's so yummy, i could just drink it like juice!
We had 2 rounds in there then headed to a bar called Ply, almost like a sports bar kind of vibe. I had the cocktail called kid in a sweet shop which sounded right up my street, and it was! It had foam and sweets sprinkled on the top!
But it was pretty pricy at £7 just for one. Before we headed back to the train station we couldn't not go to one of my favourite bars, The Alchemist. The bubblegum daquiri they do is my ultimate favourite cocktail!! My boyfriend had a cinnamon apple one and wow it tasted just like Christmas in a glass, he literally finished it in 3 sips!
It was so busy we couldn't get a seat, but for me it didnt matter, the alchemist is one of those bars where the drinks are worth the stand! We headed back to the train station and couldn't resist one last cocktail in TGI Fridays.
We both ordered a June bug and it's a melon delight! We got the train and went to a local Italian near our university in Keele, called pizza di piazza and I had a seafood and mushroom pasta.
I'm sorry about the messy photo. I was so hungry I started eating and then realised I MUST TAKE A PHOTO! Rookie mistake! All in all it was an amazing day and we both ended it rather tipsy!
I'd recommend all the bars we went to if your ever in the norther quarter area of Manchester.
Where's your favourite place for a cocktail?
Hope you enjoyed! Leave me your thoughts below!


  1. Ooo what a fab date! Surprised you didn't check out Walrus for cocktails. If you get a chance to go back I'd highly recommend, especially when it's happy hr! I still haven't tried PLY yet but that candy cocktail looks amazing.


    1. I've heard it's good there! I think because it was raining when we went we gave it a miss because we didn't want to walk back haha. It was great in there!

  2. Those Cocktails all sound and look amazing! Looks like you had a brilliant day!


    1. It was so much fun! Can't ever say no to a cocktail day haha

  3. Looks like you had an amazing day. I've had the kid in a sweetshop cocktail, it's lovely! xx


  4. cocktail crawl - looks like an excellent day :-) love Alcamist. Have you been in guilty by association - great cocktails deals too. Love Bec xx

    1. No we were meant to but ran out of time! Next time!


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